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Girls and guys just want to have fun . . . and fun means good company, lively parties, great drinks, dressing up/dressing down, and getting the most out of the moment.  Because ultimately, it's the moments that make up memories.

Whether you're on your way to a bonfire on the beach or a formal gala at the Opera House, your expectations are high, your spirits soaring.  Ah, yes, spirits--an invaluable part of the party equation.  Spirits, wine, beer, cordials and liqueurs...when to offer, how to prepare and present, which to select, and how best to enjoy. 

Some of that ground we'll explore right here on thedrinkingglass site.  But for more detailed or expert information and advice, we'll link you to other fun-filled and fun-fulfilling sites.  And if you sign up for our
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Watch Chris make the New Orleans Ramos Gin Fizz.

Tasting and Dining with your favorite wine.

What to wear--cocktail, prom and formal dresses.

Cheers!  Here's Looking at You!  Down the Hatch!  Bottons Up!  Sante!  Salud!  Sláinte!  Skoal! Na zdravje! Chin Chin! Prost!
We've got lots to explore--cocktail recipes and lore to intrigue your guests and fellow party-ers; cocktail dresses; the drinking glass itself--it has its own etiquette of which kind or shape to use to enhance flavor and bouquet; what barware makes bartending easy, and what new gadgets make mixing and entertaining even more fun.
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The Cocktail Comeback
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